Thursday, August 13, 2009


Over three weeks on the road and finally the flatness of Saskatchewan. We have seen yellow fields of canola, purple fields of flax and of course the straw coloured wheat fields. 

But my trusty guide, Don has found some hills in Saskatchewan. Our first stop was the Qu'Appelle Valley. Maybe Canadians don't know it's there because Saskatchewan is known to be flat and these are definitely hills. For a moment I thought we skipped the province and jumped to the Rockies. It was delightful and we enjoyed our stay at Echo 

Lake Provincial Park. Our campsite was nestled between Echo Lake and Pasqua Lake. It was a one nighter but we found a hike to overlook the town below.

Next stop, Regina. We had to check out the site that so many of our friends have graduated from.  It was the RCMP Training Academy. We picked a great day as it was parade day for all the cadets and they were especially on good behaviour due to a visiting Senator who walked away as impressed as we were. When orders are shouted those cadets don't think - they move!

It was time to keep pushing on. We made a quick stop in Moose Jaw to communicate with family but decided to push on to Swift Current. Another Walmart night and this time there were nine other campers. Size ranged from a tent camper all the way up to an A Bus which made Moho look like a baby RV. We can honestly say we love the variety of camping in different situations.

Cypress Hills Provincial Park was our next destination. We settled in for a few days. It was great for running, biking and hiking. Charlene had her first real test with a pack weighing 15 lbs. in preparation for the West Coast Trail in a few weeks. She passed with no pains or blisters. Cypress Hills was abundant with wild life. On the second night while enjoying our nightcap by the fire we had a visitor, Mr. Moose. He sauntered through and stopped for pics but unfortunately they did not turn out. There were lots of deer; mule and white tail.  

Before leaving this area we had one more bike ride and a climb up Bald Butte. Views were great and on a clear morning we could see for miles

Our next stop Alberta!

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  1. Love the posts. Keep them coming. It is great to read about the little details that sometimes gets missed over the phone. Like moose walking through your campsite!