Thursday, September 24, 2009


So after a great summer in Canada and visits with lots of family and friends it was time to cross the border. We were entering new territory that neither had visited before and did not know what surprises lay ahead. After our border inspection of the motorhome we now found ourselves in Washington State. Still feeling a little bushed from the West Coast Trail we decided to take it a little easy and head to the Coast. Spending only one night in Washington State we crossed into Oregon (no tax state) and knew we made the right decision. WE LOVE THE OREGON COAST! The coast is absolutely beautiful but maybe it's being by the water and the Newfoundland feelings being aroused. However, this coast is nothing like the east coast. Sandy beaches, white surf and blue skies everyday. Also important to note are the State Parks. We were very impressed with the amenitites we receive and also how quiet they are with the summer season coming to an end.


Measuring 363 miles (580 kms.) it could take approximately two days to drive. But for ten days we meandered down Highway 101 with pitstops in small towns to explore and sample the "catch of the day". We even took time to tour the lighthouse at Heceta Beach. The running was great and we found both quiet roads and trails. Don even managed a swim and some biking on Crocus. But to our surprise not only is there a variety in the beaches/shores there were pasture lands where we toured Tillamook Cheese Factory and sampled the cheese as well as the great ice cream. 

Time to take a break from the Coast and travel inland to Eugene. A city approximately the size of Guelph that has so much to offer but more importantly it's trail system for biking/walking and running. We did our 33 km. training run by the river and completely on trails. It also boasts a reputation for track and field. Some of the high school tracks would leave our Canadian coaches filled with envy. 

We had a short stopover at Hayward Field where Don & I both got to run on the rubberized track. WOW! It was like a cushion. This track was also home to Steve Prefontaine the famous US athlete who died back in 1975 after setting multiple records. Cities are great but it was nice to return to the Coast.

As I said earlier the Coast has variety. I will close this blog with some pictures to indicate it's beauty. We will continue on to California and the Redwood Forest.

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