Thursday, March 18, 2010


It's been 3.5 months since we published a blog but we're back on the road and it's a little easier now.

What have we been up to? Well..... we left California to enter Arizona and made two stops in Tombstone and Bisbee before settling ourselves in Tucson for a week.

It was a great introduction to the Arizona lifestyle. We camped in Catalina State Park and took the opportunities to run,
bike and hike on the great trails in the Santa Catalina mountains. One of our first hikes was Romero Canyon Trail where you see Don checking out the saquaros.

A bonus to our stay was renewing acquaintance with Mary and Phil (running friends from back home). They are snowbirds who introduced us to some nice people, took Don for long bike rides and a great hike up Pima Canyon.

But Canada was calling. We stored MoHo for our 3 month absence and headed home to family and friends for Christmas.

Then January 4th came all too quickly and we set off on another type of adventure; Southeast Asia. This will be a separate blog entry with highlights of our exciting two month adventure. It was then back to Canada for a week with Kirsten/Jeff/Stella and Erin/Brad as well as a quick pitstop in Guelph.

We returned to Catalina State Park in Tucson to get reacquainted with the RV lifestyle. It is very easy to settle here as this picture from our RV indicates.

We've pledged to spend more time in Tucson in future years. However, ten days have past and it's time to move on as there is still a lot of country to explore. New Mexico is our next destination.

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