Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tybee Island and Savannah

River's End Campground and RV Park on Tybee Island, Georgia became our home for 11 days. Moho, our home on wheels got a long rest and enjoyed our family visitors; Kirsten, Jeff and Stella.

Our agenda was pretty relaxed and mostly working around Stella's eating and sleeping.

It was great that Don & I had the opportunity to catch up on the weeks we've been missing with Stella by being on the road.

In the usual Pinksen fashion we did our homework on "best eating spots" and hit the top three on Tybee Island. The remainder of great meals were prepared by Don & Jeff and included oysters, shrimp, crab and scallops bought fresh from the local fish monger.

Weather cooperated and allowed us to spend most of our time outdoors giving Stella the opportunity to nap in her new digs. There were a lot of "firsts" for our baby granddaughter: riding on an airplane, beaching it, sitting in the sand, swimming in the outdoor pool, going to a baseball game and staying with Nanna and Poppy while Mommy & Daddy had a night in Savannah.

We did take one day to walk through Savannah. The City's beautiful parks and twenty-two historic squares made it easy to explore on foot/stroller. The Bull and Abercorn street corridors took us past nine of the squares. It was quite pleasant to walk along the Savannah River and watch the many boats sailing along.

Of course we had to give Stella a little history lesson. We toured Fort Pulaski on Tybee Island. The Fort was built to guard the river approaches to Savannah. Construction began in 1829 and required $1 million, 25 million bricks, and 18 years of toil to finish. By the end of 1860, however, its armament was still not completed and it was not yet garrisoned. As it turned out, before United States troops could occupy the fort, they had to conquer it from the Confederate troops. On January 3, 1861 two weeks after South Carolina seceded from the Union and one week after Federal troops occupied Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, Georgia Gov. Joseph E. Brown ordered state militia to seize Fort Pulaski. There was lots of history to learn about but we just strolled and enjoyed the musket firing.

From beaching to hanging out at the pool to history lessons we found time to do the best thing of all - shop. Kirsten & Nanna had the most fun of all checking out the many bargains in children's clothing. Stella is totally outfitted for this summer and a good start to her fall wardrobe.

But it was time to say our good-byes. However, only 4 more weeks before we cross back to Canada!

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