Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Here we are one year and 25,648 kms. later. Those are the kms. on Moho's wheels but we can't calculate the ones on our feet. We travelled through five provinces, twenty-one states and four southeast asian countries. It has been an amazing year and we have seen and learned so much. Travel truly allows one to step outside the comforts of familiarity and challenge each other. We learned that we make a "great team" and would not hesitate to repeat our adventure.

Already people have asked what was the best place orthing? We both agree that each experience was unique and all wonderful. There was no specific favourite.

So, in closing our blog, I want to thank everyone (and there are too many to name individually) for the hospitality, the great meals, and the help with minor Moho repairs along our way. The emails were a bonus in keeping in touch and some arrived very timely when a wave of homesickness occurred. Of course, Don never experienced that!

And for now the wheels areparked and so ends Moho0910 Blog.........

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